Bill Robetson (Owner PaintTech LTD)

As a 52 year old healthy male; I cannot imagine where I would be right now without K2B.
I hurt my back over a year ago, I was unable to work for an extended period in my business, and decided to invest in classes to improve my deteriorating physical health. Fast forward to last week; after a year of commitment to myself, my instructors and my family. I broke my leg, underwent surgery, and added a plate and 8 screws to my anatomy.
I am now carrying around a PLASTER cast that seemingly weighs a tonne. I cannot tell you how much the last year of classes at Knead to Balance has helped. I have increased my Upper body strength – to carry myself on my crutches; and to get in and out of the bathtub! I have a new body awareness to properly express my health concerns to my surgeon and therapists at K2B. I am controlled and comfortably able to balance on my one good leg, to even go to the bathroom!
I would like to express to everyone how important this past investment in my health had been. The instructors at K2B are a much valued and important part of my healthcare … And now I realize, going forward, how much I have gained with their expertise and guidance. I will continue to enroll in the classes and ensure that they are an important part of my routine


I started taking pilates classes with Shawna last year, after being referred by a friend. I’ve struggled with upper back and neck pain / tension for several years, and although I’ve tried various exercise programs with varying degrees of success, I’ve always ended up quitting.

I am completely hooked on pilates now that I’m taking Shawna’s classes. She is incredibly friendly, supportive, and fun. The small class size means you get real guidance / instruction on a personal level, which is so critical to ensure you’re grasping the fundamentals and doing things properly. Because I’m truly learning how to do the exercises the correct way, I’m seeing real results – my posture and flexibility are improving, and I have increased tone/strength.

I can’t even imagine quitting! This is a part of my life now.


I highly recommend the Stott pilates programs offered at Knead to Balance. I have attended pilates classes offered at other studios but had not achieved what I was looking for. The classes at Knead to Balance are progressive with an emphasis on proper form – this approach is helping me to truly achieve results. Spring wall class is allowing me to steadily strengthen in an incredibly enjoyable way. Thanks, Shawna!


“Spending hour after hour on a treadmill wasn’t my thing. I had always been active, but was finding that even my personal trainer routine at the local gym wasn’t providing me with the physical satisfaction I was looking for. Pilates is a low-impact, yet high-yield activity that you can guage to be as easy or as difficult as your ability level allows. The exercises learned in class can be easily brought home, as there is little to no expensive equipment required. The Knead to Balance studio has fantastic instructors, whose “hands on” approach and small class size helps each and every student to reach their full potential. I am now in my fourth class and although I’ve moved out of the immediate vicinity and need to travel to attend class, I would never consider changing studios. It is a positive environment conducive to learning, excelling, and having FUN with pilates!”


Knead to Balance came highly recommended by a friend and it was the best advice she ever gave me. Pilates has improved my posture significantly which, in turn, improved other issues related to posture. I now have greater range of motion, minimal aches and pains and a quicker recovery when I do strain.

Knead to Balance offers a safe and welcoming environment with small classes that feel like one on one consultation. Shawna’s ability to instruct and observe, with a natural intuitiveness to assess your needs, ensures you get maximum benefit from each exercise. I love Pilates and look forward to it every week. Shawna takes the time to develop a relationship with her clients and her positive personality and welcoming smile make classes a pleasure to attend. I recommend Knead to Balance to improve your mind, body & soul!

Thanks Shawna.

Amber Wilde

“I began taking Pilates class with Shawna in preparation for my wedding last summer and have been hooked ever since! Not only have the mat and wall classes been physically beneficial, but the class also provides much needed stress relief and mental relaxation. Shawna’s impressive knowledge of kinesiology has also served to help me rehabilitate a past shoulder injury through the course of class work. I highly recommended Knead to Balance to Pilates enthusiasts of any level. Enjoy!”

Liane Robertson (MYSC GU16 Select Coach)

As Coach of a Girls Under 16 Select Soccer Team heading to Italy to play in the summer of 2007, I introduced Shawna & Knead to Balance to the team as an integral part of our training in preparation for the trip and our outdoor season. Shawna dedicated one evening per week to the team, and put together a 12 week program to introduce the benefits of Pilates to the athletes. Not only did Shawna work with the team, but she allowed the Moms to participate as well. Shawna was very understanding of the range of athletic abilities within the large group and was focused on making sure that the group mastered the basics; key to the success of the program as the weeks went by! The session was extremely successful, the girls grew stronger as a result of Shawnas expertise, and now, even 2 years later, still refer to the experience as one that was beneficial on many levels! A number of the girls still continue to train with Shawna, as do their moms!

Liane Robertson