Pilates Schedule

Pilates Schedule

Monday 9:30 AM – Pilates Beginner Mat Class 

Monday 10:30 AM – Pilates SpringWall & Mat Class (experience needed)


Tuesday 12:00 PM – Pilates Reformer & Jumpboard Class (experience needed) 


Wednesday 9:30 AM – Pilates Beginner Reformer Class 


Wednesday 4:00 PM – Pilates Beginner Mat Class


Wednesday 5:00 PM – Pilates Beginner Reformer Class


Classes Start September 12 & run for 8 weeks


*** All Pilates Classes are 50 minutes ***


Pilates Class Descriptions

Pilates Beginner Mat Class 

No Pilates experience is necessary, this class starts you from the beginning and you will learn the basic Pilates fundamentals and principles. You must start somewhere!


Pilates Beginner Reformer Class

The reformer is everyone’s favourite piece of Pilates equipment.  In this class you will learn the basics about the reformer, and you will be doing Pilates exercise with this machine

Reformer & Jumpboard Class

Pilates experience is needed to take the Jumpboard Pilates reformer class.  This class is a fast-paced cardio class – look out Abs!


SpringWall & Mat Class

Pilates experience is needed to take the Springwall & Mat Pilates Class. Most of this class is performed standing with a lot of focus on arm work, stability, and balance


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