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Shawna Cleland

Shawna has worked in healthcare and fitness for over 20 years providing Osteotherapy, Massage Therapy and Stott Pilates services.

Shawna is an Osteopathic Practitioner graduating from The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy is a rigorous 4-year program with focus on academic curriculum coupled with 1000 hours of practical hands-on Osteopathic training. Shawna uses Osteopathic manual therapy to assist the body to self-heal and self regulate.

My Story

Hello, I am Shawna Cleland, owner of Knead to Balance. I am an Osteopathic manual practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist, and a fully certified STOTT pilates instructor. I was born, raised and live in Hamilton, Ontario and now run Knead to Balance out of my home.

Here is a little background about me and how Knead to Balance has come home to Hamilton.

From a very young age I was heavily involved in dancing. I studied and trained in different classes at various studios in and around the Hamilton area, this is where I found my love for movement and anatomy.  While still teaching dance I started the massage therapy program at Sutherland Chan in Toronto. In 2000, I graduated and started practicing at various rehabilitative clinics such as physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics in the Hamilton area. In 2001, I started training to become a fully certified pilates instructor and was able to combine massage therapy and pilates into a fully rounded rehabilitation program.

In 2006, I opened Knead To Balance in Milton Ontario, we offered massage therapy and were the only fully equipped pilates studio.

After 10 years of running a successful Massage and pilates business, I decided in 2016, to go back to school and became an osteopathic manual practitioner. Osteopathy increased my knowledge of anatomy and physiology; combining Osteopathy, with my years of massage therapy and pilates experience allowed me to become a better practitioner for my clients.

In March 2020, I finished the osteopathic program and was ready to introduce osteopathy into my repertoire of treatments, but unfortunately at the same time covid came and turned everything upside down. The business took a hard hit and I had to make the hard decision to close the doors and leave Milton on.

Fast forward to 2022, I am excited and proud that I have reopened my business in my hometown Hamilton.  I have converted my garage into a fully equipped pilates studio. Although I am working out of my home, I am offering all the same pilates services like mat and reformer classes and have created a rehabilitation and fitness program through pilates.   I also have a dedicated treatment room inside my house to treat clients with osteopathy and massage therapy. 

Throughout my career, I have taken and continue to participate in courses and workshops to further my knowledge and gain experience to help people, with injuries ranging from back pain, digestive issues to relaxation and everything in between. I have had the pleasure with treating and training many people ranging from kids, seniors, weekend warriors, athletes, dancers and even Cirque du Soleil performers when they were in Hamilton. With my experience, knowledge and movement training I feel that I can provide a well-rounded treatment and or program for everyone.