5 Health Remedies to Cure the Winter Blues
Published on Apr 30, 2021

There’s something special about this mild-mid November weather. Jogging on crunchy colourful leaves, biking on scenic trails of endless beauty, breathing in the fresh harvest air. But, here’s the cold truth: Old Man Winter is waiting at the doorstep. Soon enough we’ll be cursing his name, swapping runners for slippers and forgoing the gym for sugary comfort foods and fireside Netflix marathons.

Drink Healthy Fluids

We’re often encouraged to hydrate during the summer months, but it’s not always top of mind in the winter. Drinking six to eight glasses a day of water or herbal tea can keep your digestive system healthy, your weight down and your energy up. Battling a bug? Hot water with lemon and honey can be kryptonite for kicking colds and flus.  

Crank Up the Heat with Exercise

Winter can be hard on your joints, and let’s face it, we could all use a stronger core and increased balance to avoid those slippery winter wipe-outs. For a low impact exercise designed to rebalance the muscles around your joints, try a STOTT PILATES class at Knead To Balance Massage and Pilates clinic.  Alternatively, join a yoga class, hop on a treadmill or hit the trails for a brisk walk – just keep moving. 

Plan Ahead

“Get up and go” is a lost concept during the winter months. Morning trips to the gym, involve more steps: layering up, shoveling the driveway, scraping the windshield and surviving the trip with dry socks. After a long day, deciding on dinner can be one more exhausting task. To avoid calling take-out post-work-out, a healthy monthly meal plan could save you time and stress. Local, healthy, home delivery companies like truLOCAL offer individually packaged meat portions, conveniently ready to grab from the freezer and pop in the crockpot before you head to work in the morning.   Many of us hate grocery shopping nevermind running to buy pet food.  Save time,  get this also delivered to you house, condo or workplace.  

Spice up the Kitchen  

Winter is one of the most carb-laden seasons, but it’s important to keep a close eye on those empty calories packed in pastries and white breads. Meaty stews, soups and seasonal vegetables like this recipe are filled with vitamins, iron and heart healthy fats that will help boost your metabolism and energy levels.

Find a Snuggle Buddy

Even though it’s a tough season on our bodies, it’s a beautiful time of year for togetherness. There’s something poetic about taking shelter with loved ones during frosty winter nights. Don’t forget to light a fire, pour a glass of red wine and find solace in the sleepy season. 

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