5 Benefits of Massage Therapy
Published on Apr 29, 2021

When someone says, “I’m going for a massage!” – most people’s first thought is that they’re having a massage treatment to help them relax.     

Sure, massages can help with relaxation however; there are other tremendous health benefits associated with massage therapy treatments. With the various types of massage treatments being offered by Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) such as hot stone, cranial, or deep tissue, there’s a treatment for everyone no matter what their reason is for needing a massage.

Studies have shown that massage therapy can provide the following benefits:

1.     Alleviates muscle pains and strains:

Massage therapy can effectively relieve the pains and strains in your muscles. Sore muscles not only affect our daily activities and routines, but they can also have negative impacts on your body as a whole. For example, if your neck muscles are strained it can cause you to experience tension headaches, sensitivity to light, rashes, or tingling sensations. Massage therapy is able to alleviate the pains and strains you’re experiencing by targeting the specific muscles and areas that the issues are stemming from.

2.     Relieves anxiety and depression:

Studies have found that with regular treatment, massage therapy can help relieve a patient’s anxiety and/or depression. Not only can massage therapy help sooth one’s emotions, but it can also affect a person’s body chemistry and lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone associated with mental health issues and has the ability to increase one’s blood pressure, blood sugar, and overpower their immune system.

3.     Lessens headaches:

People who are experiencing headaches can successfully lessen them through massage therapy. Massage therapy can focus on the trigger points that are likely causing the headaches to occur such as in your neck or suboccipital muscles. When these muscles are tense, we tend to experience pain in the temples, side of the head, forehead, or behind the ears. A registered massage therapist can determine where the tension that is potentially causing your headache is stemming from and apply the appropriate treatment.

4.     Helps heal injuries:

From chronic back pain or torn muscles, to muscle spasms or sprained ankles, massage therapy can offer the opportunity for a faster recovery. Massage therapy has the capacity to help heal injuries as it increases blood flow (which is necessary for healing injuries), sends anti-inflammation messages to the injured area, breaks down lactic acid, and helps deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

5.     Counteracts the affects of sitting:

Desk-jobs put a lot of strain on our bodies and can cause us to experience pain in our back, neck, and can lower blood flows. Massage therapy can counteract some of the negative affects associated with sitting at our desk by focusing on the affected muscles and improving blood flow.

There are many other benefits to massage therapy. If you’re experiencing discomforts anywhere in your body, chances are the massage therapists at Knead to Balance can help you. We offer various different types of massage therapy treatments including:

1.      Deep tissue massage

2.      Pregnancy massage

3.     Ashiatsu massage

4.   Crainiosacral massage

At Knead to Balance, all massage therapists are registered and licensed with the government of Ontario.

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