Level 1 and Level 2 mat experience necessary or by the discretion of the instructor*

Our group classes start Jan - Mar 2020. No class Feb 17.  Please call ahead to reserve your spot. Space is limited. Classes are non-transferable and non-refundable. 


Class Descriptions 

This class is an introduction into the Pilates principals and their application. Strengthen your mind-body connection while exploring Pilates as a new way to gain strength, flexibility, and improve posture.

Essential Plus (Mat level 2)

This class is for clients who have experienced Pilates fundamentals. This progression will leave you feeling strong, centered, and revitalized.

Intermediate / Advanced (Mat class)

Builds on the intensity and flow of essential level exercise. This class will further challenge your coordination, strength, and flexibility.

Small Equipment (Mat class)

This class will add the variety of stability ball, foam roller, flex band and toning balls to increase the challenge of the mat exercises. Pilates experience necessary.

Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates

Ideal for the recently pregnant or women in their 1st and 2nd trimester. This mat and ball class will provide gentle conditioning for the whole body, with special attention given to body parts that are most effected during pregnancy and the birthing process. Be sure to check with your doctor before coming to class.

Pilates Circuit Training

Incorporates cardio while using all pilates equipment. (Cadillac, Reformers, Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel and Bosu) Mat level 2 necessary.

Spring Wall

The Spring Wall is a new equipment based class that offers an intense overall body workout. Exercises can be done standing, kneeling, sitting, side-lying, supine or prone. Level 1 and Level 2 mat experience necessary or by the discretion of the instructor.

Mat & Bosu

Will introduce balance and stability using the mat and Bosu to increase level of difficulty.

Reformer & Bosu

The reformer being the most versatile piece of equipment is incorporated with the Bosu for cardio, stability and balance.

Pilates For Golfers

Take your golf game to a whole new level.

Power Pilates

High paced mat class that will leave you revitalized.

Pilates for Teens

Ages 12-16 With focus on pilates principles to help with coordination, stability and posture. 

Weight Loss Boost

This class is not for the beginner. Mat exercises are combined together to increase an element of cardio and intensity. Look out abs!