8 Massage Therapy Myths


1. Lactic acid causes Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, and massage therapy can eliminate lactic acid from muscles.

This used to be a very common belief.  However, studies now show that blood circulation removes lactic acid from muscles, and massage does help to improve blood circulation.

2. Massage eliminates toxins from muscles

"Toxins" is a popular subject in natural healthcare. However, this is one big myth. The word "toxins" is hardly ever used correctly, and it has come be a common word relating to things that are bad or unhealthy for the body. Whatever "toxins" are, it is highly unlikely that massage therapy can push the "bad crap" out of the muscles.

3. Massage can eliminate cellulite

This is a common treatment in salons and spas. Plain and simple...Cellulite is FAT! And how wonderful it would be to get rid of fat by having massage. But, the hard facts are that the only way to get rid of it is by exercising and by eating less. Yes, some cellulite massage treatments may help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but it won't take it away.

4. People with cancer or those who have had cancer in the past, cannot get massage

This is definitely one of the common myths of massage that started long ago, before it was proven that cancer cells could not be spread through increased blood or lymphatic system circulation. Scientists now know cancer is an immune system malfunction, and cells metastasize to certain organs that have a natural attraction for that particular type of cancer. 

5. Massaging someone who has had alcohol will make them more intoxicated

It is never recommended to massage someone who is intoxicated. The main reason is that it makes the client less aware of pain, and they may handle deeper pressure massage than they actually should. 

6. Deep massage must be painful to be effective

A deep tissue massage can be therapeutic, without causing extreme pain to the client. As a matter of fact, deepness is subjective. What is deep massage to one person, may seem light to another. In fact, most people believe if they feel pain, they are getting deep tissue, and for some, light massage is the most helpful treatment.

7. Massage should be avoided with those who have high blood pressure

 If hypertension is controlled with medication, then they are fine to get a massage. Massage therapy treatments have been proven to lower blood pressure in some individuals.

8. Massage during the First Trimester of Pregnancy

For years we have heard that you should not give pregnancy massage to women during the first trimester. Many women don't know they are even pregnant until they are 10-12 weeks, and by that time might have already had many massages.

Lee Kalpin

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