Now Offering- Thai Yoga Massage and Thai Herbal Wands

Thai Yoga Massage is approximately over 2000 years old and was said to have originated in the temples of Thailand.  This style of massage originated from Indian healing traditions by combining Ayurveda and Yoga practice in a unique style of body therapy.

Thai Yoga massage is conducted on a comfortable thick floor mat where, both the practitioner and participant are fully clothed. The practitioner guides the participant into Yoga like assisted stretches and poses while palming and thumbing along the bodies ‘Sen’ (energy) lines 







Herbal heat wands, are a great compliment to this traditional style of massage.  

A blend of herbs (ginger, lemongrass, camphor, eucalyptus and tiger balm) are wrapped in a cotton compress and are steamed.  The herbs retain heat from the steam and the heated compress is applied to the body, allowing for deep relaxation and overall well-being.  

Combined, these actions assist to alleviate tired and sore muscles, balances the bodies energy and immune system and increases circulation all while nourishing and providing healing properties.  A luxurious and unique treatment with numerous benefits.

This style of treatment is great for all bodies including, the seasoned athlete, and those with a more sedentary lifestyle.  Often referred to as the ‘Lazy man’s Yoga’, participants are eased into postures that aid in muscular release. 

Participants have reported feeling:  lighter, more open, freer, longer calmer and more relaxed after their sessions.   Session times range from 45, 60 and 90 minute sessions

Elizabeth trained at Thai Yoga Massage Toronto with Master Instructor Deanna Villa and holds her level 1, 2 and 3 certifications as well as Thai Heat Therapy.  She is also a Certified Pilates and Yoga Instructor with training in Restorative and Kids Yoga and has been actively instructing for over a decade.

Elizabeth infuses Metta (loving Kindness) into all of her practices and is eager to share this unique and therapeutic form of holistic treatment.

Book with our certified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, Elizabeth Ivanic today and experience a unique approach to movement and massage.  Your body will thank youJ

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