5 Reasons To Try TRX

TRX exercise class is one of the newer programs we offer at Knead to Balance. As a unique, challenging, and rewarding exercise program TRX classes have become one of the most popular programs for our clients to take part in.

For those who aren’t familiar with this exercise program – TRX leverages your body weight to complete hundreds of different exercises. By suspending bands from the ceiling TRX workouts give you the ability to perform a total bodywork out by targeting all muscle groups with its 360-degree rotation. The best part is that no matter your fitness level you can benefit from TRX because you can adjust each exercise as needed to increase/decrease the resistance.

Just like all of our other Pilates classes TRX has a maximum of 8 people in it, which allows you to progress at your own pace and have a truly enjoyable work out. If you haven’t tried our TRX classes yet – here are 5 reasons you should!

1.     Suitable for all fitness levels:

Whether you’re an elite athlete or just wanting to look or feel your best, TRX can deliver. As we mentioned before, TRX uses gravity and your body weight to perform exercises so it is easy to increase or decrease resistance when you need to. It’s up to the individual how challenging they want to make each exercise!

2.     TRX targets every muscle group:

TRX exercises are very versatile allowing every muscle group to be targeted during a class. Having a full body workout means that you can improve your fitness on every level. From toning, to strengthening, to building – TRX can help you reach your fitness goals by improving all muscle groups.

3.     2 for 1 workout:

Unlike some workout programs, TRX delivers both strength and cardio training. This is achieved by using the resistance for strengthening but then incorporating a higher amount of reps to get your heart rate up. By including both strength and cardio training into the program you get a very effective workout with positive results.

4.     Your core is the core of this workout:

In order to complete each exercise in TRX you must have an engaged core. By ensuring that your core is engaged means that you will not only be performing each exercise in the best way, but also that even if your not doing a core exercise per say you are still improving this muscle group.

5.     You’ll have fun while working out:

As a highly active and versatile class there’s no chance that you won’t be having a bit of fun. With a smaller class and engaging instructor you’ll be challenged with different exercises keeping your body and mind active the entire hour.

If you’re interested in trying a TRX class call the instructors at Knead to Balance for more information on class times and spaces at 905-867-1288. 

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