Welcome Andrea Goode - Pilates Instructor


 Andrea began her Pilates career in 2006 as a student at Knead to Balance.  Several courses (including beginner, intermediate/advanced mat, small equipment, circuit training, spring wall, barre, TRX, weight loss boost) and several years later, she found herself immersed in a lifestyle of which the benefits could not be ignored.  A motorcycle accident necessitated that Andrea move from classes to private sessions where she gained an appreciation for the incredible rehabilitative effectiveness of the discipline.

 As a runner and long-time Pilates enthusiast, promoting a healthy lifestyle in both her personal and professional lives is a paramount priority for Andrea.  As an inspector for the CFIA, a position which demands rotating shifts and unusual work hours, Andrea understands and encourages a positive work-life balance.  She is thrilled to have the opportunity to bring these passions to others through Pilates.  Andrea has recently begun her certification process, currently focusing on mat repertoire; however she has a keen interest as well in the development and application of Pilates to the rehabilitative process and programming for specific injuries and special populations.

Her goal is to have each student experience “AHA” moments as their level of body awareness reaches new heights and they work to build bodies which are increasingly comfortable, mobile and strong.

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