TRX Classes

Remember your New Year’s resolution to make fitness a part of your daily routine?  If you managed to survive the relentless snow, bitter winter winds, and polar vortexes you may have noticed there are signs of spring in the air!  

If you looking for a different  workout that uses full body suspension training come and take a TRX class at Knead To Balance Massage and Pilates Clinic in downtown Milton.   TRX uses your whole body as resistance, leveraging your body weight against straps which are anchored to the ceiling.  There are many distinct advantages when training with the TRX system.  For some people TRX training is much easier on their joints than traditional free weights.  This helps to avoid injury and helps people stay committed to making TRX training a part of their continuous fitness regime.   Worried that TRX training might be too advanced for you?  TRX is for everyone from beginners to professional athletes.

There are many fitness studios that offer TRX training so why take a TRX classes at Knead to Balance?  Our TRX classes are limited to 6 people and taught by certified TRX instructors. Unlike most fitness studios which offer TRX classes we incorporate Stott Pilates principles into our TRX classes.   Incorporating these Pilates principles works simultaneously with the TRX system to further enhance your core conditioning.  

Are you one of those people who have recently joined a gym, but get bored quickly and stop going.  TRX is completely different from the traditional gym experience.  Come and try a new workout experience at Knead to Balance before you know it spring will be here. 

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