Not all pilates studios are equal!

By Shawna Cleland

Thinking about joining a pilates class, but wonder which studio to pick?

Before spending your hard earned money, do your research before choosing a pilates studio.  Not all pilates studios are equal. Our certified instructors, at Knead to Balance in Milton Ontario, are trained in STOTT PILATES which requires 95 hours of practical instruction, extensive examinations, and annual certification updates. 

Small progressive pilates classes allows instructors to focus on their clients.  Many studios use drop-in memberships which slows a person's development.  A drop-in system will result in a pilates class with different skills levels.  Beginner clients can hold back the advanced students.  Or a beginner student may try to keep up with the advance students risking injury. 

Maybe you've tried a pilates class at a large gym chain.  Typically  these classes are filled with as many people as possible.  It's impossible for an instructor to teach proper pilates fundamentals in a class this large. 

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